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    Bob Schenkkan, Public Broadcasting Giant, dies

    My step-father, Bob Schenkkan, died yesterday (Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2010) at age 93. Bob was wonderful to my mother, my little brother, David and me, but Bob was a remarkable person and lived a full and remarkable life so I thought I would write a little and put pictures, links and other information here in a blog post on my site so that anyone who wants to find it can do so. Friends, family and acquaintances can be assured that his passing was peaceful and dignified with hospice in attendance and his wife and family surrounding him. His last years were spent at Arden Courts where he was much loved and well taken care of by the excellent staff and many of his friends and family visited him each week.

    Bob meant many things to many people, but one of his most important lasting legacies is his contribution and work for Public Broadcasting. Jim Lehrer might have put it best when he said, “Bob Schenkkan is a hero to me and to every one of us PBS people. He gave us life and then he saved us.” Jim Lehrer (video wishes for Bob Schenkkans 90th birthday from the KLRU Bob Schenkkan Tribute DVD)”

    First notice and story on KUT

    Michael Barnes notice

    Notice on main KUT Home Page.

    Full KUT story and audio this has Ben Philpott’s tribute piece linked to it.

    Austin360/Austin American Statesman story

    More to come as I dig up pictures and find links.

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